Why I Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

by Elizabeth Westbrook ’21

Growing up in Singapore, it seemed like the workings of the world revolved around the small but mighty Port of Singapore. As a product of my environment, I dreamed of representing the United States at the negotiating table. When I moved to Texas for high school, I struggled to find like-minded individuals who viewed the United States as a big piece of an even bigger puzzle. This only encouraged me to go to college in an environment that would be conducive to my career goals.

I wasn’t really looking for a minor to add to my major, but then I took Professor Ramos’ International Relations class. She introduced me to a brand new minor, Peace and Justice Studies, which was exactly what I wanted to specialize in. The Peace and Justice Studies minor will teach me about justice and keeping the peace, which is something that I would not be able to focus on through my Political Science major alone. I study Peace and Justice studies to give me an edge in the future through the knowledge I will acquire in the program.

My internship with the World Affairs Council in Houston this Summer combines my attraction to foreign policy and peace. Through this internship, I plan to gain knowledge about non-profits, how they can promote peace, and explore any career interests in non-profits. My ultimate career goal is to become a diplomat, and my Peace and Justice Studies minor is a step in the right direction.

Elizabeth Westbrook is a Political Science major and Peace and Justice Studies minor at Loyola Marymount University.