Why I Minor in Modern Greek Studies

mdgk profile 300x300 - Why I Minor in Modern Greek StudiesStudio Arts major Alejandra Hernandez ’17 first visited Greece when she studied abroad there last year. The experience piqued her interest in the country’s culture, and she kept studying Greek language, art, and film once she returned. She went on to add a Modern Greek Studies minor, which she says brings depth and specificity to her study of art.

Q: Why did you decide to minor in Modern Greek Studies?

Studying abroad was one of the major factors for me. Being a big fan of traveling, learning about the culture while being there was such a unique experience. While in Greece, I had the opportunity to study and experience first-hand the subjects that were offered in the program such as the language, ancient and modern history, and the arts. Back at LMU, the courses helped me make connections to issues often extending beyond the classroom.

Q: What did you study in the program?

The program offers everything from language and literature to politics. However, my emphasis was on Modern Greek Language, History, Greek Orthodoxy, and Greek Cinema. My affinity for language naturally drew me to the Modern Greek Language course. And having a Fine Art background, I found Greek Orthodoxy to help me further understand Greece’s art history with a unique take. Greek Cinema offers a more modern approach to the Greek aesthetic and how it has evolved over time.

Q: How did the program’s Modern Greek Studies community impact your experience at LMU?

I found it added to my university experience tremendously. Aside from the very professional faculty, they were all so passionate about their courses, which only furthered my interest. Professors Father John Bakas and Katerina Zacharia are so knowledgeable and supportive. Not only were they interested in their material but in the student’s opinions as well. And without Professor Christina Bogdanou, I would not have been able to achieve many of my goals and accomplishments. She was always attentive, helpful and most of all, thoughtful. This, alongside the experiences offered outside the classroom, made me feel very involved and at home.

Q: What are you doing now, and what are your professional goals?

Fortunately, I have found a job within my field and plan on staying there for a couple of years before continuing my education in Art Therapy. I still plan on being very involved in the Greek community and culture and seeing how those tie into my art background.

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