WGST Department Stands in Solidarity with Student Athletes

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies states its unequivocal support of our students organizing for redress of injustice. We join their demand for a full and impartial investigation of abuse of women student athletes and all athletes, and for systemic change in collegiate athletics.

Many of these courageous student athletes are WGST students. They are doing what LMU teaches our students to do: to be people for others, and to be more. They have witnessed and learned from our new age of protest, from #BLM to #metoo. And they are doing what feminists have had to learn to do: to stand up for ourselves and for each other, especially when injustice against women is ignored, minimized, and dismissed, in service of our dignity and the dignity of all those who come after us. These women student athletes deserve to be heard and respected.