Student Timeline Project Published In Academic Journal

Students in Professor Elizabeth Drummond’s spring 2019 HIST 4273 Nazi Germany class created a website with two parts. They collaborated on a digital timeline for the history of Nazi Germany, with each student focusing on a particular theme. Using primary sources from the German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) digital archive, the German Propaganda Archive, and other digital repositories, each student contributed ten entries to the timeline, each with a link to the primary source and an accompanying image (sometimes itself the primary source). Taken together, the timeline explores the origins of Nazi ideology and its development over time, the nature of the Nazi state and German society under Nazism, and some of the legacies of Nazism in postwar Germany. The primary sources used for the timeline then became the source base for each student’s analytical essay, which were posted to the research blog section of the website. Later that year, the timeline project was published in the inaugural issue of Central Europe: An Undergraduate Yearbook. You can find the timeline here.