Student Spotlight: Ernesto Vega, M.A. ’05, M.A. ’16

vega 300x300 - Student Spotlight: Ernesto Vega, M.A. '05, M.A. '16After earning his Master of Arts degree in Marital and Family Therapy with specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy from Loyola Marymount University, Ernesto Vega, M.A. ’05, M.A. ’16, chose to return to LMU for a Master of Arts degree in Theological Studies.

“I already knew the quality of the teachers at LMU,” Vega said. “Being exposed to different professors and styles of teaching sparked my imagination and opened windows and doors to keep exploring.”

Vega is pursuing an M.A. in Theological Studies to enrich his work with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, where he is currently a Coordinator of Spanish Adult Faith Formation Programs. His theological coursework has helped him better understand cross-cultural expressions of faith and Christianity, ultimately leading him to a newfound interest in Native American spirituality. He is currently working on his thesis project, which is related to encouraging Latina/os to pursue higher education.

He is also working at 4Life Research, which has helped him become more aware about his own health, diet, and spirituality. “I like to take an eclectic approach to healing that incorporates both spirituality and science,” Vega said.

Outside of work, Vega volunteers for El Sembrador, a Spanish and Catholic television station, where he hosts a show on the Virgin Mary. He reports that his “Theology and Film” class at LMU has helped him understand storytelling and messaging in film.

Vega hopes to pursue his interest in spirituality further and create his own spirituality center. He wants to invite people of all backgrounds to visit and learn about meditation, discernment, faith, and taking care of the mind, body, soul and heart.

“That is my biggest dream,” Vega said. “To help people accept God in all aspects of their lives.”