Student Profile: Senay Emmanuel

Senay is a first-generation Eritrean-American from Seattle, Washington. Senay always knew he wanted to study Political Science in college. Since childhood, politics played an important role in Senay’s life and impacted his perspective. Senay’s parents are immigrants from Eritrea who were forced to flee their home due to war and repressive governments. Politics has naturally influenced his development as a person as well as his passions and interests.

While at LMU, Senay engaged in a variety of extracurricular opportunities, academic research, and work experience. Senay is a McNair Scholar, was active in the Ignatians Service Organization, and was also a member of the LMU Debate Team. On top of this, Senay was the Managing Editor of Asia Media International; a student-driven publication ran from LMU’s Asia Media Center. Senay was very active with new students as he worked as a first-year international student orientation leader and a resident advisor.

Senay joined the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society and Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society. He served as Chief Justice of the Associated Students of LMU.  On top of holding these various positions, Senay conducted research on the integration of clean energy actions as well as independent research examining the cause of failure of the UN peacekeeping missions in East African intrastate conflicts. Outside of LMU, Senay had the opportunity to intern with The Friends of Los Angeles River.