Student Profile: Kaitlin Campbell

Kaitlin Campbell, a recent graduate, transferred to LMU her junior year from Oregon State University. Prior to becoming a Lion, Kaitlin had not yet found her academic passion until taking a comparative politics course, which sparked her interest in pursuing a degree in Political Science. Majoring in Political Science at LMU allowed Kaitlin to graduate in four years, while also being able to take courses with an international emphasis.

During Kaitlin’s time at LMU, she took a course on modern day slavery which motivated her to travel abroad and intern at a safe home for survivors in South Africa. In addition, with the support of LMU, Kaitlin was able to intern at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, another nonprofit. Along with these incredible internships, Kaitlin had the opportunity to present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium on her analysis of peacebuilding decisions through ethical theories, specially tied to reintegrating ex-combatants after the second civil war in Liberia.

Kaitlin currently works at the International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her LMU curriculum provided the foundation that helps her better understand the context of the former lives of refugees and the barriers they face in the United States. With the guidance of phenomenal professors, Kaitlin believes that she has a strong foundation to continue learning and growing professionally.