Say Something Theological: Student Academic Journal

Say Something - Say Something Theological: Student Academic JournalStudents in the theological studies department have something to say.

Say Something Theological: the Student Journal of LMU Theological Studies is a new journal that features commentary and scholarship by theological students students.

“Our writing is a creative and original way to engage with what is real and celebrate the robustly unbreakable connections between beauty, truth and goodness,” Cecilia González-Andrieu writes in the introduction. “The undergraduate student authors in this issue invite you to journey with them into their lives and questions. They provide us with clear-eyed assessments and theological reflections from young people viewing the world and the theological task from multiple vantage points.”

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Melissa Cedillo ’18, theological studies major
Facundo González-Icardi ’18, theological studies major
Deirdre Leigh Haney ’17, entrepreneurship and international business major, theological studies minor
Dean Messinger ’17, history major, theological studies and German minor
Jaclyn M. Ross ’17, theological studies major, Catholic studies minor
Stacee Smith ’18, psychology major, theological studies minor