Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real Estate

Summer internships are vital pre-professional experiences for many college students, and some of the best opportunities are unpaid. The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts at Loyola Marymount University awarded 20 donor-funded BCLA Career Pathways Internship grants this summer to students who accepted unpaid internships. The $1,500-$2,000 awards made it possible for liberal arts students to accept these high-impact experiences in place of less pre-professional summer jobs, and are part of the College’s commitment to liberal arts career readiness. Meet a few of this summer’s grantees.

FullSizeRender 2 crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateArielle Brumfield ’18
Majors: Political science and African American studies, minor in journalism
Internship: The Argonaut

Aspiring journalist Arielle Brumfield ’18 secured an internship with The Argonaut newspaper this summer. With the help of her journalism professor, Kate Pickert, Brumfield reached out to The Argonaut to gain more experience in local print journalism. As a Writing/Reporting Intern, Brumfield not only transcribed interviews, but also worked on her own stories that have been published in the paper. She believes that her work with The Argonaut has been important to both her own career goals and the public. “Journalists are conduits for news and information,” she said. “Being able to report on topics that need more attention allows me to be an influence to others.”

AndreLAGFF2 crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateAndré Enriquez ’17
Major: English, minor in classics and archaeology
Internship: Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

This summer, André Enriquez ’17 interned at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival under the International Project Discovery Forum (IDPF). As an intern, Enriquez compiled resumes and edited the biographies of international filmmakers, which were used to select the filmmakers who will be awarded financial support to complete their films. Enriquez started this internship because of a class he took at LMU, Katerina Zacharia’s “Representations of Greece: Ancient and Modern.” The internship with the LAGFF was a part of the curriculum, and because of a research paper he wrote on the film, “Park,” he was selected to conduct a Q&A with the lead actor, Dimitris Kitsos. Enriquez credits this internship with a newfound appreciation and understanding of international film. “The more these films are attended and widely distributed, the more complete the picture will be for us to understand, have dialogue about, and work from to solve the large-scale cultural/humanitarian issues of today,” he said.

fullsizeoutput 1a crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateKonstantinos Kaplanis ’18
Majors: Classics and archaeology and mechanical engineering
Internship: Hadrian’s Villa: The Archaeology of an Imperial Court Program

Konstantinos Kaplanis ’18 traveled to Rome, Italy this summer to become an archaeologist in the Hadrian’s Villa: The Archaeology of an Imperial Court Program. As a Greek-born U.S. citizen, Kaplanis has always been interested in uncovering the lives and stories of those who lived centuries ago. Kaplanis worked from 8 hours a day excavating the main entrance Lararium in Hadrian’s Villa, which was an altar room where Romans placed offerings and performed rituals. He also cleaned and cataloged ceramic and marble finds, giving him hands-on experience with the classical world.

FullSizeRender crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateAyanna Leaphart ’19
Major: Economics, minor in international relations
Internship: CA Real Property, Inc.

Ayanna Leaphart ’19 tackled commercial real estate this summer at CA Real Property, Inc. As an Acquisition and Marketing Intern, Leaphart got to test her skills in the real world, communicating with clients to match them with potential properties to invest in. Although the internship was demanding, Leaphart believes that the experience is helping her become a well-rounded student. “My decision to attend LMU had a lot to do with the fact that two parts of the school’s stated mission really spoke out to me: ‘the encouragement of learning’ and ‘the education of the whole person,’” she said. “I am not in school to prepare for any specific career, but to prepare for any career.”

sarah crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateSarah Markowitz ’18
Major: Political science, minor in Jewish studies
Internship: Museum of Tolerance

Sarah Markowitz ’18 followed her passion for Jewish history to the Museum of Tolerance. As a MOT Volunteer Intern, Markowitz assisted with educational programs, wrote biographies of Holocaust survivors, and trained to become a certified MOT volunteer. Although the museum’s themes are heavy, she believes the subject matter is inherently valuable. “It is challenging to be surrounded by exhibits on the terrible things humanity is capable of,” she said. “But it is also empowering to be a witness and to know that through educating people on such acts of intolerance, the Museum is teaching people to be more tolerant and understanding, and to stand up when they see something wrong.”

pm square cropped 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateKrista Morales ’18
Majors: Political science and history
Internship: Senator Patty Murray’s Education Office at the Senate HELP Committee

Krista Morales ’18 worked for education equity this summer as an intern for Senator Patty Murray’s education office at the Senate HELP Committee. As a part of the HELP Committee, Morales researched education policies, and attended education briefings and meetings with senior staffers. Morales credits this internship with exposing her to federal education policies, as well as the issues that hinder education equity. Morales strives to be an advocate for education equity after she graduates, and states that “my work here will better inform me about the role education policy plays in the political sphere.”

IMG 7284 crop 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateMadeline Sacks ’19
Major: Sociology
Internship: Weller Media Agency

Following her passion for music, Madeline Sacks ’19 became a Digital Strategy/Content intern for Weller Media Agency this summer. As a Digital Strategy/Content intern, Sacks worked with the artists’ social media analytics to discover patterns and trends to improve their posts. Working at a small company, Sacks often juggled multiple different projects at once, but she appreciated having something different to work on every day. “I am learning more about this industry than I could ever imagine,” she said.

image1 300x300 - Real-World Experience in Journalism, Politics, and Real EstateCarleen Tse ’18
Major: Psychology
Internship: UCLA Lab School: Autism (“Kasari Lab”)

Carleen Tse ’18 landed an internship at UCLA’s Kasari Lab, which specializes in autism research. After UCLA professor Connie Kasari came to discuss her research in Tse’s “Special Cases: Autism” class, Tse reached out to Kasari to ask about internship opportunities in her lab. At the UCLA Lab School, Tse assisted in integrating children on the autism spectrum in classroom settings and helping with behavioral management, while collecting data on their behaviors and actions. With her goal of becoming dentist for patients with special needs, Tse hopes to use her experiences at the UCLA Autism Lab to better understand how to properly treat patients who are on the autism spectrum.