Podcast Assignment Sparks Creativity in International Environmental Policy Students

Tyler Harlan is an assistant professor in the Urban and Environmental Studies Department. This spring, Harlan taught International Environmental Policy and assigned a group project in which students created 15-minute podcasts on the global governance of a commodity (e.g. coffee, copper, cotton).

Harlan originally planned to have students script and record their podcasts in person, but had to quickly adjust this plan when classes moved online. Ultimately, students recorded individual components remotely and then edited multiple pieces together into a single group podcast.

One group got really creative with their podcast despite the limitations of having to do it individually and online. Each student took on different personas and recorded multiple sections, and the group did a very professional job editing – even adding intro and exit music. It’s a great podcast about the international environmental governance of diamonds, and total running time is about 17 minutes.

Kudos to Aubrey Bouchard ’20, Michaela Galeski ’21, Andy Perez-Calderon ’21, and Meaghan Truman ’20!