Introducing the BCLA Advising Center

Liberal arts students have two new ways to get academic support at Loyola Marymount University. Their names are Isabel and Sarah, and they are academic advisors at the new BCLA Advising Center, which opens August 29.

The BCLA Advising Center is located in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts’ Office of the Dean (University Hall 4600), and will be open every weekday for scheduled appointments and walk-ins. Professional advisors will support students in four-year planning, understanding academic policies, fixing transcript errors, and navigating core and degree requirements. They will also conduct proactive outreach to students who may be struggling to stay on top of their academic progress.

The center represents a shift in the way the College advises students, but does not replace students’ faculty advisors, said Richard Fox, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. “Our goal is to improve the faculty-student advising experience for both parties,” he said. “Faculty-student advising should focus on substance: interests within the major, research, and post-graduate plans.”

Students can now take their transactional questions about requirements to the Advising Center, freeing faculty-student advising to focus on mentorship.

To maximize accessibility, advisors will also offer appointments by phone or Skype when students cannot meet in person.

“I’m so excited to get started meeting students,” said Isabel Solano Robles, one of the new academic advisors. “We’re here to support students as they navigate college and achieve academic success!”

Make an appointment and learn more about our services on the BCLA Advising Center website.