Introducing LA’s Newest Think Tank

WPI - Introducing LA's Newest Think Tank

The Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the formal launch of the World Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University (WPI@LMU).

WPI@LMU is a foreign policy think tank that brings to campus the highly respected World Policy Institute, a New York-based policy center whose publications and events reach thought leaders around the world. By partnering with the WPI, we open doors for our faculty and our students to develop and disseminate high-impact policy research. Beginning within the Political Science department, an inaugural cohort of WPI@LMU faculty fellows are launching research initiatives.

Last summer, LMU’s first undergraduate student interned at WPI’s New York City offices, and the selection process is underway for two more interns for the upcoming summer.

Read more about the WPI@LMU in LMU Magazine or visit their website for more information about this important new initiative.