History Quiz Night

Written by Michael Nacey ’23, History major
HIST Kahoot 2 5 21 - History Quiz NightOn February 5, 2021 the LMU History Department hosted a virtual quiz night, in which History students and faculty could compete in a Kahoot! quiz made by Professor Dempsey. Joining on Zoom, the participants worked their way through a 100-question, multiple-choice quiz incorporating many fields of history, from ancient Greece to the modern United States. It drew about fifteen people and engaged them in a competition for a $25 Amazon gift card. The event’s participants chatted in between questions and guessed who the father of anarchy was or what the Fashoda crisis was over the course of the quiz. Kahoot presents the top 5 players after each question, and there was quite a lot of shuffling before the quiz’s 100th question was answered. By that point, Conner Wilson was the winner, finishing over a thousand points ahead of his competitors. To him went the gift card, but the rest of the participants of the virtual quiz night got a gift as well. Getting the chance to see history students and faculty outside of class helped revive the sense of community that online learning mostly strips away. It was a reminder that, although Zoom can be exhausting, especially after a day of class, it is also a great way to connect. Here’s hoping that it will connect the History Department in similar events in the future.