Confess: An Installation by Trina McKillen  

The Laband Art Gallery, in partnership with the Irish Studies Program and the Dean’s Office in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, proudly presents a multi-part installation by Los Angeles-based artist Trina McKillen. Like many people around the globe, McKillen has grappled for years with the worldwide crisis of sexual abuse committed and covered-up by Catholic clergy. Over the last decade, McKillen has channeled her feelings of outrage and grief into the creation of artwork that gives voice and visibility to survivors of abuse, namely children. Recognizing the devastation this abuse has wreaked on individuals and families, the aim of McKillen‘s solo exhibition is to bring attention to abuse survivors and to initiate dialogues about their healing.

One of McKillen‘s stunning installations is comprised of an intricately detailed, to-scale confession box made entirely of clear glass. This piece is called “Bless Me Child For I Have Sinned (2010-18)” and as the title suggests, inverts the role between priest and penitent. “I wanted to approach this dark, secretive subject with light and transparency. I built a glass confessional in which the traditional roles are reversed: instead of the priest sitting and hearing confession, he must kneel down and ask forgiveness from the child,” explains McKillen.

The exhibit will open on January 19th and run until March 23rd.

Conversation with the Artist and Opening Reception
Murphy Recital Hall, 5 to 6 p.m. on Sat., Jan. 19
McKillen will discuss the development of her artwork with Cecilia González-Andrieu, LMU associate professor of theological studies, and Laband Director Karen Rapp.
A reception will follow from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Laband Art Gallery.

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