Welcoming Sylvia Zamora

The Sociology Department at Loyola Marymount University is pleased to welcome Sylvia Zamora as a new assistant professor, beginning Fall 2016. Her research interests include the sociology of immigration, comparative race and ethnicity, … Read more 

Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos, winner of the International Studies Association 2015 Deborah Gerner Innovative Teaching Award, knows that some of the most transformative learning doesn’t take place in the classroom. As associate … Read more 

Faculty Spotlight: Daniel Speak

Would a good and all-powerful God allow evil to occur in the world? Is the existence of innocent suffering proof that a loving and omnipotent God does not exist? While these questions have … Read more 

Fr. Tom Rausch, S.J. on Christian unity

What is the future of global Christianity? Thomas P. Rausch, S.J. explores this question in “From Churches to Church,“which appeared this week in America magazine. In it, he evaluates an important new text … Read more 

The Roots of Syria’s Migrations

For the past several months, thousands of migrants have been leaving war-torn areas of the Middle East, many of them attempting to reach welcoming nations in Europe and elsewhere. We … Read more