Beyond the Bluff: Carlos A. Mesa Baron ’19

Carlos A. Mesa Baron ’19

Major: International Relations
Minor: Economics
Next Step: Fulbright-García Robles Commission in Mexico

Carlos A. Mesa Baron transferred into the International Relations program at Loyola Marymount University where he developed a passion for world affairs, particularly within the Latin American region. A deep interest in working toward sustainability of development in the region led him to receive the Fulbright-García Robles grant in Mexico City, Mexico. There, he will continue his study of Latin America and its relationship with the United States while working at a NGO and taking graduate international business courses at the prestigious Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

As an International Relations major, Mesa Baron has utilized his talents and cultivated his interests in many different ways. Mesa Baron worked for the Center for the Study of Los Angeles, where he assisted in research regarding the outlooks and realities of the LA region. He also studied abroad for a year at the London School of Economics, and worked as an undergraduate research fellow for the Global Policy Institute. These opportunities allowed him to further pursue and develop his passion for Latin American politics.

“I have a deep interest for sustainable development, especially in the western hemisphere. I believe in a united American region in which countries work and assist one another in their continuous economic, social, and environmental development. Therefore, I have focused most of my studies on Latin America, the United States’ relationship with the region, and how Latin America can undergo its own positive sustainable development trajectory,” says Mesa Baron.

He credits Katherine Michel, his empirical approaches professor, as well as the International Relations program, for helping him obtain his Fulbright. “The IR program quickly reminded and exposed me to the vast problems masses around the world endure, and how as an IR specialist I am responsible for striving to improve and solve many diverse and complex matters.”

Following his Fulbright, Mesa Baron hopes to start his career in a development bank, such as the Inter-American Development Bank or the World Bank, designing and implementing impactful projects that will empower many around the world economically, socially, and environmentally.

“I moved to the United States when I was two-years-old from Medellín, Colombia. Being presented with the vast opportunities and values this wonderful country embodies, I believe I am responsible for striving to be an instrument of change in disadvantaged communities worldwide,” says Mesa Baron. “My passion is to serve others and significantly improve their quality of life.”

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