BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright Program

Supported by LMU’s National and International Scholarship Office, students have the opportunity to study, research, and teach abroad. Congrats to our 2016-2017 BCLA Fulbright Finalists! 

Ryan Beitz 200x300 - BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright ProgramRyan Beitz (Philosophy, MA, 2016) is currently an M.A. candidate in Philosophy. As an undergraduate, Ryan studied art, architecture, and literary theory. His present research foci include 20th Century Continental Philosophy, the genesis of concepts, and ontology in order to promote methods for the emergence of forms of life. Upon graduation, Ryan hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Philosophy so he can continue his research as well as empower future generations of students learn the skills necessary to maximize the diversity of future forms of thought. Ryan is delighted to be a finalist for a Fulbright Study/Research grant to Finland, where he plans to study the relationship between architecture and the body. He is indebted to Professor Brad Stone for his support during the Fulbright application process.

Taylor Kay 200x300 - BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright ProgramTaylor Kay (Urban Studies, BA, 2015) works as a planning technician for the City of Inglewood, Economic and Community Development Department, Planning Division. Her research interests in sustainability, livability, place-making, user-focus, and public spaces draw on a combination of growing up in the sprawled Los Angeles region and visiting various cities while studying abroad in Fall 2014. She attributes her understanding of how to tackle the complexities of urban environments to her time in the Urban Studies program at Loyola Marymount University and researching Los Angeles’ political, social, and quality of life issues while working for the Center for the Study of Los Angeles on campus. She is hopeful that a Fulbright grant and admittance to the University of Amsterdam will allow her to return to the Netherlands to conduct a comparative study of the degree to which Amsterdam and Los Angeles’ complete streets enhance quality of life for her thesis in the Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning program. Taylor is thankful to Professor Ed Park for his thoughtful feedback on her proposal.

Monique Mansour 200x300 - BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright ProgramMonique Mansour (Sociology, BA & Screenwriting, BA, 2012) graduated from LMU in 2012 with Summa Cum Laude honors. She double majored in screenwriting and sociology and was very involved on-campus at LMU. She served as Editor-in-Chief of a student-run social justice magazine, as a Resident Advisor for two on-campus residence halls, in addition to working as a research assistant for Dr. Rachel Washburn in the Department of Sociology. Monique is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, in the department of Creative Writing & Writing for the Performing Arts. Born a storyteller, Monique thrives on finding stories hidden in everyday events. Her true passions lie with utilizing her love of writing along with her background in sociology to help ensure that diverse stories are told and appreciated. She currently serves as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate course in Public Speaking at UC Riverside, and hopes to use her background in writing and rhetoric as a vehicle for creative teaching abroad in Malta as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. She is especially grateful to Dr. Stella Setka, who provided feedback on her proposal.

Andria Maynard 200x300 - BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright ProgramAndria Maynard (Psychology, BA, 2016) is a senior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is currently in her last semester pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. Her interest in international education is evident through participation in study abroad in Ghana, Costa Rica and Cuba and in an alternative break trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Nicaragua this summer. Andria has volunteered with ex-offenders and has worked tutoring students for her four years in school. Andria’s interests lie in working in communities and schools that do not have access to mental health services. After graduation, she hopes to travel to Jamaica on a Fulbright Study/Research grant, and she is thankful to Dr. Stella Setka for her guidance throughout the process.

Alana Slavin 200x300 - BCLA Students Named Finalists in U.S. Fulbright ProgramAlana Slavin (Economics, BA & Spanish, BA, 2016) is currently an undergraduate student at Loyola Marymount University. She volunteers as a Clinic Assistant and serves as an intern at Venice Family Clinic, a clinic in Los Angeles that aids the underrepresented and uninsured. She has also served in various leadership positions at Loyola Marymount, such as co-President of Lions for VFC and as President and founder of the Health and Social Justice Club. Alana hopes to pursue a Masters in Economics with emphases in Public Policy and Global Challenges in order to further understand economic disparities in health and global healthcare challenges. After receiving her Masters, Alana aspires to pursue her MD in order to more effectively address inequities in healthcare provision and health outcomes within the United States. Alana was honored as a Finalist for the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship in 2015, and is a Finalist for a Fulbright Study/Research grant to the Netherlands, where she hopes to obtain Masters in Economics at VU University Amsterdam. She is thankful to Dr. Stella Setka, Professor Elizabeth Drummond, and Professor Dorothea Herreiner for their feedback on her proposal.