Alumni Spotlight: Cullen Herron ‘20

Cullen Herron ‘20 majored in Film and Television Production and minored in Modern Greek Studies.Cullen Herron 200x300 - Alumni Spotlight: Cullen Herron ‘20

Why did you decide to minor in Modern Greek Studies?

From the language and culture, to history to contemporary cinema, I think it is an interesting understudied subject that has a lot of depth and connections to the rest of the modern world

What did you study in the program?

I focused on my language studies for the first two years and then went to study the cultural side. I tried to particularly focus on the last 100 years of Modern Greece as that time period was the most interesting to me. Greek cinema was also an interesting field that I explored and came to learn its history.

How did the program’s community impact your experience at LMU?

By allowing me to get real connections with classmates and professors that other programs at LMU struggle to create due to their larger size. 

What are you doing now and what are your professional goals?

Now that I have graduated,  I am working to become a sound mixer in the film industry. Due to COVID, all productions are shut down, but as soon as restrictions are lifted, I hope to get back to work.