Alumni Spotlight: Alexandra Poulakos ’19

For Alexandra Poulakos ’19, minoring in Modern Greek Studies offered her an “education of the whole person.” As a mechanical engineering major, she felt that she wanted the opportunity to connect more to her culture. As a minor, she was able to take courses on the Greek language, as well as study abroad in Greece. She credits her minor with her well-rounded education and connections on campus.

Why did you decide to minor in Modern Greek Studies?

I was first introduced to the idea of the minor in my first year seminar class, “Greek Stories: Identity and Storytelling,” and I knew it was something I wanted to do. Being half-Greek, I thought this was the perfect way to study in more depth my heritage and make it a part of my LMU education. I also was very excited the minor included intensive courses on Greek language, which was something I had always wanted to learn, as well as the opportunity to study in Greece for a full month.

What did you study in the program?

I have been lucky enough to study modern Greek history, Greek literature, Greek orthodoxy, and the modern Greek language. I really enjoyed being able to take these courses because of the stark differences between them and my major, mechanical engineering.

How did the program’s Modern Greek Studies community impact your experience at LMU?

The Center really opened up other parts of LMU that I would never have been familiar with, especially the events organized around the academic curriculum. My major has a heavy course load and is isolated from other colleges here at LMU, but my minor allowed me to branch out and be a more well-rounded individual. It was also the support of the community that provided several opportunities for scholarships and awards, as well as internships.

What are you doing now, and what are your professional goals?

I am currently a graduating senior interning in a law office that focuses on intellectual property. I plan to take the Patent Bar shortly after graduation and pursuing a career as a patent agent. And travel to Greece to practice my Greek!